Medical Aesthetics Package Deal - AquaTouch + LED$16K +gst

Two must have devices in any Salon, and we have a package deal to get you started. See more information on both devices below.


AquaTouch is a dynamic skin treatment. The AquaTouch System was designed and it is manufactured by Daeyang Medical Co Korea and it provides a procedure of non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of skin-specific topical dermaceuticals. The hand-piece is drawn across as the skin, the vacuum source gently pulls the tissue being treated through a hole in the tip and into contact with the abrasive, diamond-encrusted treatment head. The abrasive surface exfoliates, applies the topical dermaceutical, and vacuums away the residue into a waste container.

AquaTouch Before and After

Benefits of AquaTouch

The area’s that can be treated with the AquaTouch system that will increase customers and benefit your business are:

  • Skin Refinement
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Reduces Puffy Eyes
  • Hyperpigmentation Reduction
  • Reduces Visibility Of Fine Lines
  • Sun Damage
  • Demodex Removal
  • Active Product Infusion Using Meso-Electroporation Technology

The AquaTouch System

Virtual mesotherapy without needles! Electophoresis transfers the active ingredients applied to the deeper layers using galvanic current. This allows performing mesotherapy without needles, enabling the realisation of multiple treatments.


Non thermal, no side effects only benefits. Enhance your results and add this new technology to your arsenal.

Hollywood stars like Madonna like LED  technology and swear by it. Offer the best to your clients.

Our OPTILUX Elite LED machines are sourced for being the best and MOST cost effective the international market has to offer. OPTILUX Elite has  RED and BLUE colours LED  lights. Controls are very simple via touch pad located at the top of the unit. Also has a built in digital timer. Operation is silent making sure the clients total relaxation.

LED’s are essential beauty tools and every salon should have one. OPTILUX Elite is designed to treat face and body. There are many smaller similar looking LED equipment available online, there is only one genuine OPTILUX Elite.

LED Beauty Equipment


For face and body. OptiluX Elite is a quality device made in Korea by O’Melon Corporation .

Results will vary and the number of treatments that a client will need will depend on their skin. Typically 10 x 20 minute treatments will reduce wrinkles and improve the quality of the skin by up to 60%. The vast majority of people will see significant improvement during treatments, but the full effect of a treatment program will be seen 2 to 4 months after the treatment program has ended.

Client may experience some reddening of the face (particularly if a photosensitiser has been used). Advise that they should wear sunblock for two days after a treatment.

Different salons have different treatment protocols but typically will provide a facial or microdermabrasion treatment prior to treatment to prepare the skin.

The light source does not have any harmful UVA and UVB. The light produced is pure red, infra-red or blue light at scientifically proven wavelengths for effective treatments. The treatment is not painful and does not cause trauma to the skin, nor is there any downtime for the patient after treatment.

The results from this treatment are long lasting and a client can expect improvement in their skin to last for at least two years. However it is advisable for regular ‘top up’ treatments every couple of months or so.

There is no downtime after treatment.

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