ENBIO Autoclave Steriliser

Triple Vacuum. Full drying. TGA Approved Medical class B.

Enbio can sterilise a load of unwrapped instruments in just 7 minutes! With full vacuum drying – this means that pouches and instruments come out completely dry. No other autoclave in the world rivals that!

Enbio Autoclave


With its sleek, compact design, Enbio autoclaves merge seamlessly into any modern working environment, and easily fit on a countertop. They are also much lighter than a standard autoclave and can be easily transported when needed.

Enbio autoclaves are unbelievably quiet. They generate a low noise level of only 40dB, which allows for them to be placed in your desired
workspace. 40dB is around the same noise level as entering a library – very quiet!

ECO friendly. Using only 80mls of water per cycle and with short cycle times using less power – Enbio is eco friendly and saves money.

Affordably priced at $4,995.00 (GST inclusive)

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