CMSlim® Contour Master® HI-EMT®

Introducing the CMSlim® Contour Master® V1.5, our cutting-edge 2022 model—a compact, high-powered medical device that utilises Electromagnetic technology for body sculpting. Designed for clinics, it boasts a user-friendly interface with preset programs, requiring no additional supplies or consumables. With a recommended treatment frequency of 2-3 times per week and 4-6 sessions, your business stands to achieve significant profit potential.

CMSlim® Contouring Master® HI-EMT® technology is a CE approved 93/42/EEC MDD and TGA listed ARTG 338736 proper class IIa medical device indicated for the following: GMDN CODE 58762, term: Deep-tissue electromagnetic stimulation system, professional.

CMSlim® is indicated for muscle strengthening, body contouring, body reshaping, waist circumference reduction, buttock lifting and fat reduction. GAIN MUSCLE LOSE FAT™

The CMSlim® Contouring Master®, HI-EMT®, holds an official Australian trademark, registered as No. 2109935 with the Australian Government’s IP Australia. Internationally, it is recognised by various names, such as EMSlim® in countries like Peru, Turkey, and the Middle East.

This cutting-edge medical device harnesses the power of Korean-designed and patented HI-EMT® (High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer) technology. It emits pulsed, high-intensity focused magnetic energy fields that penetrate through clothing, skin, and fat, reaching deep into the muscle tissue to induce muscle contractions. This innovative technology effectively replicates the effects of an intense workout.

CMSlim Two Applicators

The innovative CMSlim® Contouring Master® and its distinctive HI-EMT® technology are the products of Daeyang Medical Co., a certified Korean company with over 50 years of experience in design and manufacturing.

The applicators of CMSlim®, protected by Korean patents, incorporate an advanced water-cooling system, ensuring remarkable durability and delivering a high-intensity Magnetic Output of 7 Tesla per applicator, with peak levels reaching up to 11 Tesla. These specially designed applicators are capable of continuous operation for 24 hours, providing stable and intensive stimulation to the targeted area. Notably, CMSlim® requires no consumables, and its applicators are engineered to endure many thousands of treatments.



CMSlim® updated V1.5 contracts muscles up to  30,000 times in 30 min, this is called inactive-exercise treatment which results in muscle gain while losing fat by speeding up the metabolism in the treated area. A 30-minute treatment on CMSlim® is equivalent to thousands of squats.

The outcomes are truly remarkable. Daeyang Medical Co. has undertaken independent clinical research in Europe, specifically in Spain at the Instituto de Fotomedicina Centro Médico Teknon Barcelona. This comprehensive study utilised advanced imaging techniques, including CT and MRI scans, to provide tangible evidence of the effectiveness of CMSlim® treatments. The results showcased an impressive increase in muscle mass, up to approximately 15-16%, alongside a significant reduction of approximately 20% in total body fat, including subcutaneous fat layers.

BEWARE when encountering online advertisements for uncertified and non-ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) approved devices and services. Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation Technology falls within the purview of strict regulations and is classified as a medical technology by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Given its impact on the human neuromuscular system, all devices of this nature are required to have TGA approval, without exception. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in fines imposed by the TGA and a lack of insurance coverage for such devices or services.

The term “ElectroMagnetic muscle stimulator” is unfortunately misused due to the proliferation of subpar imitation products from unqualified manufacturers in less-regulated facilities. These unauthorised copies, often produced in substandard factories with limited English language proficiency and scientific understanding, have led to a mistaken reference as “EMS.”

It’s essential to clarify that “EMS” is a globally recognised and accepted scientific acronym for “Electrical Muscle Stimulation.” Many are familiar with EMS devices under names like “Slimtone” or “TENS devices.” It’s important to note that EMS technology is distinct from Electromagnetic technology, and reputable manufacturers do not label Electromagnetic devices as “EMS.”

CMSlim® - Before and After

These outcomes are readily achievable, primarily because the majority of CMSlim® patients already embrace a health-conscious lifestyle, aiming to enhance the effects of their regular exercise routines and balanced diets.

Sustaining a stable weight and remaining dedicated to their fitness regimen is key to ensuring the enduring impact of CMSlim® results.

Typically, clients find optimal results through a course of 4-6 treatments, with sessions scheduled 2-3 times a week. Noticeable improvements often manifest after just three treatments, while the full scope of results becomes evident within a six-week timeframe.

EASY TO USE: Through carefully crafted preset programs tailored to various body parts and specific goals, CMSlim® provides intensive muscle stimulation and training. The outcome is a combination of muscle development and localised fat reduction in the treated areas, making it an ideal solution for targeting the abdomen, glutes, thighs, and arms.

Dr. Fulvio Urso-Baiarda talks about CMSlim®

CMSlim® HIPEX™The HIPEX™ (High Intensity Pelvic Exercise) Chair is an add-on for CMSlim® device owners. The HIPEX™ Chair is specially designed for safe pelvic floor muscle stimulation.

HIPEX™ offers a versatile solution for both men and women, addressing the critical issue of bladder control and enhancing overall quality of life. This treatment is suitable for individuals of all ages and genders, encompassing both the young and the elderly, as it directly targets and improves pelvic muscle function, a vital factor in bladder control.

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