Dermatrix Duo

Micro-needle Fractional RF Platform

Dermatrix Duo is a TGA registered  class IIb medical device, ARTG 405991, the latest generation of fractional RF System which combines micro-needle and needle-free fractional RF technology for skin resurfacing, scar reduction treatment, fine line reduction, skin tightening, stretch marks, cellulite reduction and more.

The delivered RF energy can penetrate into different layers of the skin via insulated needles into controllable depth up to 3.5mm. As a non-laser therapy, Dermatrix Duo is suitable for all skin types, even those with dark skin or pigmentation. Dermatrix Duo uses 49 and 16 insulated needle fractional tips and 64 pin fractional non needle tips. Needles are supplied sterile packaged.

Safe on All Skin Types
It is a thermal therapy as opposed to laser therapy, which is not sensitive about skin colour. Suitable for all skin types. The  chance of hyper-pigmentation is lower than laser treatment.

Clinically Proven
Customers will be very satisfied with the treatment results. Obvious improvement can be seen after each session.

TGA Approved
TGA Approved Class IIb medical device ARTG 405991



⇒ Scars & acne scars
⇒ Wrinkles
⇒ Skin tightening
⇒ Skin rejuvenation
⇒ Pore reduction


⇒ Body tightening
⇒ Stretch mark reduction


Maximum Dermal Effect
Micro-needle can bring the majority of the RF energy deep into the dermis while only a small percentage of the surface is affected, resulting in deep volumetric dermal heating.

Minimum Downtime
It is a safe treatment with low complication risk. Cosmetics and make-up are available after treatment and disturbance to daily life is minimal.

Precise Energy Delivery
Precise control of the depth transmits energy to the multi-layer of the skin. Treatment depth is up to 3.5mm