The HIPEX (High Intensity Pelvic Exercise) Chair is an add-on to CMSlim® device owners. The HIPEX Chair is specially designed for safe pelvic floor muscle stimulation.

HIPEX is an excellent solution for man and women, can help to improve bladder control and have a better quality of life as bladder control is affected by pelvic muscles . Treatment is available for young or old, male or female.

During a course of four 20 minute treatments, HIPEX delivers intensive continuous contractions for strengthening and retraining the patient’s pelvic floor.

CMSlim® device can be easily upgraded with HIPEX software to enable the HIPEX menu in the main operating system.


The HIPEX Chair

The HIPEX chair will put the patient as ease. No need to remove clothing, or move their body, they will simply sit back and relax.

Hipex Infograph