The MM SLIM ,World Wide known as CM SLIM is an Electromagnetic muscle stimulation Device device producing pulsed High Intensity Focused Magnetic Energy that penetrates through the clothes and skin into the deeper muscle tissue generating muscle contractions. It replicates an intense workout.

Korean Patent-protected water-cooling system inside the applicator provides incredible durability. Specially designed applicators literally can be operated 24hours which provides stable and intensive stimulation to the applied area. NO CONSUMABLES at all .MM SLIM is the most powerful system of its kind generation 7 Tesla magnetic output .

Intensively stimulating and training the muscles by preset programs designed according to the different body parts and different purposes. The result is muscle gain and reduction of fat on the treated area. It is suitable to treat abdomen glutes, thighs and arms.

MM Slim Thighs
MM Slim Stomach
MM Slim Buttocks
MM Slim Legs


MM SLIM squeezes the muscle more than 20,000 times, this is called inactive-exercise treatment which results in muscle gain  while losing fat.

A 30 minute treatment on MM Slim is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups or 20,000 squats.

The results are amazing. The clinical tests show MM SLIM treatment actually, increases muscle mass up to 18% while losing 21% fat.

MM Slim - Before and After

These results are typically very attainable, as most MM SLIM patients already lead a healthy lifestyle and want to augment the results of their workouts and nutritious diets.

MM SLIM Results are long-lasting when the client maintains a stable weight and stays committed to their fitness regimen.

Typically a client will have 4-6 treatments for optimal results. Notable results are generally seen after 3 treatments.

MM Slim muscle builder