Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation Devices

This article explains the Technology Legality and the use of the term ‘EMS’.

History and what’s on the market..
Electromagnetic muscle stimulation technology has been around for a few decades, it was mainly used in medicine and for physiotherapy purposes.

BTL aesthetics were the first to come up with the idea of using the power of magnetic pulses in muscle stimulation for body sculpting purposes. In late 2018 they introduced the air cooled BTL EMSCULPT® with trademarked HIFEM® technology.

Slovenian Iskra Medical was experimenting with electro magnetic technology for decades and in about same time as BTL they introduced the air cooled Tesla Former Functional Magnetic Trainer.

Soon other brands joined the market like air cooled Z Field Dual, also sold and rebranded in Australia as StimSure®. This device is exclusively made in Korea for Zimmer Aesthetics Germany and Cynosure.

Daeyang Medical Korea has developed its own electro patented water cooled magnetic HI-EMT® technology and in April 2019 on Cosmoprof Bolognia they introduced the EMSlim. In 2020 it was officially rebranded to Contouring Master® CMSlim® HI-EMT®, removing the troubling EM combination from device’s name.

Daeyang Medical also supplies its electromagnetic technology to its fellow Korean GTG Wellness Co. which is selling the InShape that is a heavily detuned older version of CMslim.

Cool Tone is liquid – oil cooled Korean manufactured Electro Magnetic device made exclusively for Allergan Aesthetics.

Spanish have the air cooled WonderBox.

French manufacture the air cooled Cryslal Fit®.

Chinese ADSS manufactures an air cooled electromagnetic device which is marketed in Australia under name SculptX .

There are two things that all these above mentioned medically certified devices have in common, none of them refer to these devices as EMS as none of them use any combination of letters EM in the device name.

BTL Aesthetics reserves the rights for EM as they manufacturer the EMsculpt, EMtome, EMsella, EMface devices. No other certified manufacturers of Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulators ever use the EM letter combination is the device name. Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation devices with any combination of EM in the device name that are not made by BTL e.g. EMS Sculpt, EMShape EMS Shape are knock off devices. That is why we have Tesla Former, StimSure, X Field Dual, CMSlim, Wonder Box, Crystal Fit, Cool Tone and only one EMsculpt.

Facts about EMS
Electromagnetic muscle stimulation technology has nothing top do with EMS. EMS is an established widely used international scientific acronym for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, well known by many older clinic owners as Slimtone Devices or TENS devices. This technology originates from the1960’s in Russia.

Electric Muscle Stimulation devices use electric pulses to stimulate muscles, they use direct electric current. EMS devices are very cheap, you can buy them even on TVSN .

Electromagnetic devices especially the liquid cooled ones are very complex and very expensive.
However, many wrongly refer to Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation devices as EMS devices, mostly because knock off manufacturers flood the internet and market with counterfeit EMSculpt devices.

The main difference between EMS Electric Muscle Stimulators and Electro Magnetic Muscle Stimulators is mainly in the way how they stimulate the muscles. Electromagnetic device’s pulses penetrate much deeper, evenly and stimulate all muscles in treated area.
EMS stimulation depends on electric conductivity of the treated tissue and it is capable of treating a part of muscles in treated area.

The image below clearly demonstrates the difference.


How Electromagnetic devices work
Power supply of electro magnetic muscle stimulators generates electric pulses, electric pulses going through coils in applicators generate magnetic pulses. Magnetic pulses again generate electric pulses in conductors. This is the theory of electro magnetic induction. Human tissue is conductive. Magnetic pulses generated in applicators penetrate the human body and generate electric pulses in human tissue such nerves and muscle causing muscles to contract.

What type of electromagnetic devices are there?
There are 2 main groups of electromagnetic devices – air and liquid cooled.

  • Air cooled are less powerful, they are capable of generating magnetic pulses up to 2 Tesla per applicator.
  • Liquid cooled (water or oil) are able to produce magnetic pulses up to 11 tesla as the liquid cooling system is more efficient in cooling of the electro magnetic coils.

Why high levels of magnetic output is important?
Magnetic field intensity obeys an inverse square law related to distance, its intensity decreases exponentially with distance. Patients with very little fat do not need high magnetic intensity. There are some devices generating only maximum 1 Tesla magnetic pulses and work fine. Patients with thicker fat layers require much higher intensity of magnetic pulses as the muscles are much further away from applicators. Devices with low magnetic output are not effective for such patients.

Are electromagnetic body sculpting muscle stimulators considered to be medical devices?
The short answer is yes with no exceptions. Electromagnetic muscle stimulator devices affect human neuromuscular system by transferring powerful magnetic pulses into the human body. They all required to be included on ARTG registry or as most say TGA approved regardless of use. Importantly, TGA approval ensures the device has clinical tests, adverse effects and safety tests and it is safe for human treatment.

MM Medical Aesthetics is the official and only Australian importers of CMSlim® Contouring Master® HI-EMT®, an Australian registered trademark no 2109935. CMSlim® is a class IIa medical device, TGA ARTG id 338736. TGA approved indications are muscle strengthening, body contouring, body reshaping, waist circumference reduction, buttock lifting and fat reduction.