EVE 'Ace of Face' & EVE 'Synergy'

We have 2 models of EVE:

EVE Ace of Face: Hydra-dermabrasion / Facial EMS / Microcurrent – focuses on basic skin care for continuous skin improvement.
EVE Synergy: RF+EMS / RF+Microcurrent / Facial EMS / Microcurrent – focuses on ultimate lifting and tightening.

EVE Ace of Face EMS / Micro-current

BEST Synergy Programs of Micro-current / EMS / Hydra-dermabrasion. Enrich your treatment with just one device “EVE – Ace of Face”

EVE combines three unique technologies of EMS, Micro-current, and Hydra-dermabrasion in one device to conveniently provide users with a variety of treatment programs. It has been developed from a user-centred perspective, maximising user convenience by enabling quick and smooth procedures by composing tips for various purposes and professional functions that were not previously available.

EMS / Micro-current

Micro-current electrotherapy increases the production of adenosine triphosphat (ATP) and protein, which plays an important role in cellular energy metabolism, using a low current of μA. μA promotes the metabolism of skin cells and lymphatic massage while barely felt by the human body.

Hydra-dermabrasion is the first step of skincare and builds skin immunity with cleanses, peels, exfoliates and hydrates skin using spiral vortex tips. As the exclusive solution “X-Stream” comes out from the centre of the tip, it rotates with a string radial principle, and by sucking waste materials, it is possible to remove wastes from the pores without scratching the skin. See the Brochure

Treatment Modes

Micro ball type
The micro size of the ball intensifies the current and increases effectiveness
Hand-piece is designed exquisitely for more comfortable use
T type
To lift broader areas such as cheekbones, peri-orbital wrinkle and jaw line
Comb type
To energise hair follicles, promote blood circulation, diminish hair loss, reduce dryness and dandruff
Easy, hands-free micro-current treatment targeting fine lines and wrinkles
Ideal way to provide a more detail oriented micro-current treatment to fit your client’s unique needs for facial lifting and toning

Eve Hydra-dermabrasion Applicators

EVE Synergy RF + EMS

EVE Synergy is an all-purpose skin care device that helps anti-aging and skin improvement by utilising RF, EMS and Microcurrent either alone or in combination, which makes this a unique one-of-a-kind device.

The RF function remodels the collagen in the dermis to improve wrinkles and tighten skin. At the same time, EMS supports the skin by stimulating the deep muscles of the skin.

EVE Synergy Applicators

  • Simultaneous output of RF + EMS / RF + Microcurrent
  • No epidermal damage
  • No bleeding / Pain
  • No downtime
  • Skin elasticity
  • Promotes collagen regeneration
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Muscle exercise effect
  • Redness improvement

Synergy Modes

Synergy Mode
(RF & EMS / RF & Microcurrent)
A synergistic program that boosts skin elasticity from the depths of the skin.

  • RF & EMS RF assisted collagen generation at the dermis level along with EMS at the muscle level.
  • RF & Microcurrent Comprehensive skin care program by contouring the dermis layer using RF and stimulating ATP, which is the energy source of protein and collagen.

Pro Mode
(Microcurrent & EMS)
The EVE Microcurrent function delivers low intensity and low frequency electric impulses into the skin. Though hardly perceptible, these Microcurrents mimic the body’s own bioelectric currents, and hence regulate/ re-ignite electro-dependent intracellular processes.

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EVE Pro Mode