Unlocking Beauty Safely: The Vital Importance of TGA-Approved Equipment

Using TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved beauty and aesthetic equipment is crucial for several reasons:

Safety: TGA approval ensures that the equipment has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets safety standards. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions, injuries, or other health concerns associated with using non-approved equipment.

Efficacy: TGA-approved equipment has been proven to be effective for its intended use through clinical trials and studies. This means you can trust that the equipment will deliver the desired results.

Compliance: Using TGA-approved equipment ensures compliance with regulatory requirements in Australia. It demonstrates that you are adhering to industry standards and regulations, which can protect your business from legal issues and liabilities.

Quality Assurance: TGA approval signifies that the equipment has been manufactured under strict quality control measures. This helps guarantee its reliability and durability, reducing the likelihood of malfunctions or breakdowns.

Professional Reputation: Utilising TGA-approved equipment enhances your professional reputation. It shows that you prioritise the safety and well-being of your clients, which can build trust and credibility in your business.

Overall, choosing TGA-approved beauty equipment is essential for ensuring safety, efficacy, compliance, and maintaining a positive professional reputation in the beauty industry. Most devices used in clinics require TGA approval.

Important Tip: It’s important to verify that the ARTG number matches the device itself. Numerous instances have been documented where suppliers provide the ARTG number of a high-quality product but deliver unsuspecting buyers with inferior, unapproved devices that closely resemble the authentic ones. See information below for how you can verify the status.

Here is a guide how to verify the device’s ARTG number or TGA’s public access website:
Buying any aesthetic medical device is an investment for the future. Buyers need to make sure they are getting what they have been promised, not just believe what they are been told by suppliers. Do your checks. It is easy, TGA website is public for a reason.

First, ask the supplier for the ARTG number of the device you are looking to buy and follow the steps below.  This is public TGA search link you can type it in and start search: https://www.tga.gov.au/resources/artg

Once you put the 6 digit ARTG number XXX XXX into the search field , TGA website will give you the link to the public ARTG entry of that particular device.

Scroll down and the bottom of the page you will find “download Pfd “option to download and see the full certificate of the device. It will tell you the device type, manufacturer’s name, importer details and approved indications of use/intended purpose. Intended purpose is also very important, this information will tell you what sort of treatment indications you, as the user, are allowed to perform and advertise with the device.

Google the manufacturer, get on their website and find the device. If the device is on the manufacturer’s website looks same as the one you are buying from your supplier, then all looks good. It is a legitimate device. If the device looks different or you are in any doubt, you contact the manufacturer or ring TGA . TGA have a file of every approve device, even a copy of the TGA approved Australian user manual , copy device manufacturer’s genuine label, images and more details.

Another important fact is the manufacturer’s original label must not be removed from the device. That label must display the Manufacturer’s details, device model number, and serial number. Suppliers can add an additional label next to the manufacturers original label.