The non-invasive, high-intensity focused magnetic field signal penetrates through the skin and subcutaneous fat layer, generating a consistent muscle contraction stimulus.

This stimulation, occurring as frequently as up to 40 times per second, effectively increases muscle volume and strength, which cannot be achieved through conventional exercise.


The ‘Pro Fit’ mode is a professional mode that allows users to design their own programs.

Existing programs use a variety of frequencies and patterns, but the ‘Pro Fit’ mode allows users to design their own frequencies for continuous stimulation.

Lymph Drainage

WAKEFIT utilises magnetic fields to enhance blood circulation and lymphatic flow, aiding in waste remove from the body, similar to the effects of exercise.

Accumulation of waste products may lead to health issues. WAKEFIT is more effective in waste removal than methods like massage or compression.

Muscle Strength

The ‘Muscle Strength’ mode of WAKEFIT employs intense magnetic fields to strongly contract muscles, stimulating protein synthesis for increased muscle volume and strength.


The ‘slimming’ mode uses weightlifting’s impact to release free fatty acids, leading to natural fat cell breakdown. It enhances muscle size, boosts metabolism, and sculpts a stunning body contour with WAKEFIT.

It can target fat reduction in specific areas of your preference.

Benefits for WAKEFIT

This process is similar to the breakdown of surrounding fat tissues and the enhancement of muscle volume and strength, comparable to regular weight training.

Through repetitive procedures, natural apoptosis of fat cells is induced, resulting in a reduction in body fat mass.

Ideal For:

  • Individuals aspiring for a fit and well-toned physique.
  • Those aiming to address abdominal fat concerns.
  • People desiring sculpted thighs and buttocks.
  • Individuals seeking detoxification and fatigue relief.
  • Those facing challenges in exercising due to injuries or pain.